Meleah & Kate

Dear Tom,
We wanted to follow up with you as we very much appreciated your and
Sandra’s assistance on our trip to Cuba. We had such an eye-opening
experience and I feel like we got a very good slice of Cuban life.
Sandra was great- she picked us up from the airport in a shiny blue
car and helped us exchange money, and then our casa particulares were
comfortable and different from each other in ways that were
interesting and broadened the depth of our experience. We also really
appreciated Sandra connecting us with Omar whose apartment we rented
and who was also a very gracious host by having coffee with us and
drove us to the beach near Havana and gave us the skinny on several
aspects of Cuban life, including the boteros. We got to have coffee
one morning with Sandra and her son and her mother, which felt like we
were already part of the family. We indeed felt that we got the
people-to-people experience (even though they didn’t even check at
U.S. Customs and just asked us how Mexico was!).
Thank you for your help, and we would continue to recommend having
Sandra be a contact as she was a delight, was very helpful,
knowledgable and friendly. Her English is beautiful and we threw a
couple of random questions at her the last day about places to see an
Afro Cuban dance and she had some recommendations as well as called
around for us. She also recommended a place to see live jazz that was
also in our tour book and recommended by a friend.
We hope that the across-the-country converted bus with Cuban food
project goes smoothly! Just so you know, we have told a bunch of
people about our excellent experience with your company and
recommended you as a wonderful way to access Cuba! 🙂

Thank you so
All the best,
Meleah & Kate