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To inquire about a small group (up to six person) custom “support of the Cuban people” visit to Cuba, fill out our application pageWe will design a visit that fits your interests and budget at a cost that is often much less than fixed tours with large groups.   A tax deductible deposit to Green Cities Fund will confirm your reservation.  Travelers arrange their own travel to and from Cuba. Specialized ecological tours are also available through our Eco Cuba Network. Simply indicate your interest in the Cuba travel application.


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For close to 500 years Havana has been a cultural crossroads, a meeting point for people from the Americas, Africa, and Europe. Yet since the last century it has remained obscure to many from the United States, its neighbor only 90 miles to the north. Here, frequent Cuba traveler and History of Havana co-author Dick Cluster offers his impressions of a recent, post-Trump trip to the capital, and guidance for others wishing to travel there. How does he suggest taking a stand against the politics of fear-mongering and disinformation? By visiting Cuba. 

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With decades of experience in organizing travel to Cuba, our staff specializes in custom tours for up to six people. Complete the application, indicating any special interests, and we will contact you to discuss a personalized professional research or people to people visit. Once you have decided to proceed with a Green Cities customized visit, we ask an initial deposit of $250 per person, which enables us to proceed with reservations and more specific planning. Prices quoted do not include the cost of travel to Cuba, but we can refer you to experienced travel agents who will help you find the best among a growing number of alternatives.

We also cater to specialized individual and group tours for research purposes under a “General License” where participants will engage in full time non-profit research in their area of expertise.

Green Cities personal guide, Sandra Vazquez, escorting Francis Ford Coppola and family
Green Cities personal guide, Sandra Vazquez, escorting Francis Ford Coppola and family

From a pleased private tour guest on her first trip to Cuba:  *

“We had such a FABULOUS trip to Cuba. Thank you so very much for your guidance and for introducing me to Sandra, my new best friend. She made our trip so easy and smooth…. full service all the way. It was a fascinating experience, can’t wait to go again and also to send my friends.” With gratitude,


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Sandra Vazquez, tour planner extraordinaire
Sandra Vazquez, tour planner extraordinaire

* We will provide a complete custom itinerary and budget in advance for your approval, based upon your particular needs. Prices are often far less than large group tours.

Please note that Cuban law requires purchase of medical insurance while in the country (a few dollars a day) and that we cannot provide guarantees as to room and travel cancellations, so it’s best to buy travel insurance, and to travel with flexibility, and a sense of humor and openness to new and unexpected experiences. While we do our best, if your car breaks down, don’t fume, make new friends.  Travelers assume full liability.