Tom Miller & Tran Tuong Nhu

Tom Miller


Tom Miller is a senior partner in the law firm of Miller & Washington LLP, providing a broad array of legal services to corporations and individuals.  Mr. Miller holds a B.A. from Yale (1960), an L.L.B. from Stanford Law School (1965), where he founded its International Law Society, and a Certificate in Foreign and Comparative Law from Columbia University.  Mr. Miller’s experience with the non-profit world is highly distinguished.

Prior to 1965, as a UC Berkeley faculty member, Mr. Miller helped establish the Peace Corps and its first program, in Ghana.  In 1966, he set up in Viet Nam what was at the time the largest reconstructive surgery hospital in the world to treat war injured children.  After the 1973 peace agreement he was a consultant to UNICEF for a $100 million aid program for the children of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Mr. Miller is pro bono General Counsel to Global Exchange, a people-to-people human rights organization; and is Board Chair of The Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development (, a Macarthur Award winning organization specializing in global problem solving techniques.  In the early ’70’s he was named, along with then youthful Senator Joe Biden, as an “Outstanding Young Man of the Year” by the United States Jaycees, and in 2008 he and Tran Tuong Nhu received the Global Citizen Award from the United Nations Association.  His sponsored political cartoons, posters and billboards have received wide publicity and he is a frequent contributor to the letters section of the New York Times.

Tran Tuong Nhu


Tran Tuong Nhu (known as Nhu) was the former Spokesperson for Jerry Brown when Mayor of the City of Oakland, California. Originally a member of the San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board, she was a columnist and a reporter for 16 years. Before writing for the Mercury-News, she was an editor at Lancaster-Miller Publishers and resettled Southeast Asia refugees in the Bay Area. She has served on the boards and raised money for non-profit organizations including: Global Exchange, KPFA, Berkeley Citizens Action, Asian Women United, the Mentoring Center, and International Children’s Fund.

Nhu completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Anthropology, Asian Studies and Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley. She now lives in Berkeley California after returning from Ha noi Viet Nam where she served as a consultant to Atlantic Philanthropies and the Museum of Ethnology.