Puerto Rico Travel

In July of 2019 Green Cities Fund sent former Chez Panisse chef and owner of Cosecha Restaurant in Oakland and farmer and food aficionado Lissy Donovan to Puerto Rico to establish connections with Puerto Rico’s nascent sustainable agriculture movement.  It could not have been a more opportune time, in the middle of the popular uprising against the corruption of the elite who control the Puerto Rico economy in partnership with U.S. interests resulting in an unemployment rate of over 40%, massive debt and millions fleeing the country over decades.  Green Cities Fund will be organizing further educational visits to Puerto Rico.  Let us know if you are interested by completing this application.  Meanwhile, learn more by reading Naomi Klein’s “The Battle For Paradise” and “War Against All Puerto Ricans” by Nelson Denis.  Also, if you have access to CNN, YouTube or Amazon Prime, comedian Kamau Bell has an excellent segment on Puerto Rico in his superb series “United Shades of America”.