“Support for the Cuban People”

Under the Support of the Cuban People category, you’re able to travel with a local guide or even build your own itinerary. What this type of visa allows you to do is enjoy Cuban culture and support local businesses through many different avenues. Under the Support for the Cuban People visa, you are expected to spend 8 hours a day engaging with and supporting local communities. This might sound daunting, but a lot of things count towards this requirement. Approved activities include:

  • Sightseeing
  • Staying in casas particulares (think Air BnB with breakfast)
  • Getting to know your guide
  • Going to hear live music, browsing museums
  • Touring a cigar factory
  • Taking a dance lesson
  • Buying art
  • Eating at privately owned restaurants (locally referred to as paladares)

For this reason, being part of a small guided group is a great way to travel to Cuba. All of the itinerary and travel logistics are already figured out, and having the local knowledge and expertise adds so much depth and meaning to something as simple as walking along the beach. Not to mention, the guides in Cuba are some of the best in the world; with genuine passion for their culture and history, it’s hard not to learn something along the way.