Established as an independent collective in 1998 by artists in Hanoi whose skill, innovation and creative spirit have established new artistic boundaries in a society moving from a tragic past to a challenging future, Nha San has nurtured artists whose reputations extend world wide, and who have had a profound impact on Vietnamese society. . Nhu San has provided a home where artists support one another against forces hesitant to recognize artists’ legitimate role in society. Thanks to Nha San, the role of the artist as social critic and observer has made great strides in Viet-Nam, to the ultimate benefit of all. Green Cities Fund founders’ daughter, Gabby Miller, has helped Nha San find funding as well as foreign grants and fellowships for its artists. She is currently exploring the social impact of containerization and participating in a symbolic return of a boat to Vietnam from Oakland, California’s “Museum of Capitalism“.

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