The Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Nguyen Thi Anh Thu

In 1966 co-founder Tom Miller and renowned plastic surgeon Arthur J. Barsky established the Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Vietnam to  treat war-injured children. Almost 50 years later the greatly expanded Center flourishes as a national center for dental and facial surgery.  Green Cities Fund continues its relationship with the Center and reconstructive plastic surgery by identifying and helping patients with special needs.  The program is administered by retired chief nurse, Huynh Thi Lien Huong, who devoted her entire professional career to the Center.  One example: providing ongoing medical care for an 18 month old little girl, Nguyen Thi Anh Thu, who lost an arm, a leg and her mother in a traffic accident.   Green Cities Fund has also initiated a professional exchange and a fellowship program, known as the Barsky Fellowship, with Stanford University Medical School.  Volunteer plastic surgeons trained at Stanford played a critical role in the operation of the Center during the war and will continue to play an important educational role today.

During the war mothers with badly deformed children came to the Center, saying deformed births such as they experienced had not occurred before “the planes sprayed the mist”.  The “mist” was Agent Orange which, five generations later, is still passed on genetically and permeates the environment.   Actor Dick Hughes, who as a journalist in Vietnam, worked for the news agency that uncovered the MyLai Massacre and established homes for street children, has established Loose Cannons, Inc. to take political action to face this ongoing bitter legacy of the war.  Here is a short video on Agent Orange in Vietnam.
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