Eco Cuba Network

Eco Cuba Network, a 20 year old collaboration between US and Cuban environmentalists, promotes environmental interchange with Cuba, and works within both countries to implement the ideas generated by the Network.

Our goals are two-fold:

  • to create a program of mutual benefit for both our people, as we work together to avert economic catastrophe and environmental collapse and to create a more ecological and sustainable hemisphere
  • to motivate the large, influential and growing sector of environmentally-conscious US citizens to educate Congress and the Obama Administration on the need to end the US embargo of Cuba, especially the restrictions on travel and communication.

The people of Cuba and of the US share an ecosystem through our common embrace of the Gulf of Mexico. We share a hemisphere and a common world. We share as well,with all humans, a common dream of living peacefully and sustainably with each other on this beautiful planet, which is, ultimately, our only home.

US delegation to the International Permaculture Convergence, Los Cocos, Cuba, November-December 2014

Eco Cuba Network organizes delegations to Cuba of environmentalists in every field:

  • sustainable agriculture
  • renewable energy
  • natural health care
  • biodiversity/ecosystem protection
  • environmental education
  • grassroots environmental activism
  • interdisciplinary fields of social welfare, urban development
  • professionals working to bring sustainability and environmental integrity to their places of business

We encourage:

  • In depth study of Cuba’s environmental policies and practices
  • Ongoing exchange between Cubans and US participants on our delegations
  • Production of video, print and internet materials on Cuba’s projects in sustainable development and environmental protection
  • US attendance at environmental conferences in Cuba
  • Invitation of Cuban environmentalists to attend conferences in the US
  • Ever widening professional and grassroots participation in ongoing efforts to end the US embargo of Cuba

In its 2006 Sustainability Index Report, the World Wildlife Fund, utilizing a combination of the United Nations Human Development Index (a measure of how well a nation is meeting its nutrition, water, health care, and education needs, etc.) and the Ecological Footprint (natural resource use per capita), determined that there is only one nation in the world that is currently living sustainably — and that nation is Cuba. The Report states, “No [other] region, nor the world as a whole, met both criteria for sustainable development.”

  • How did Cuba, a small island nation of 11 million people, struggling with issues of poverty, devastating annual hurricanes, and the US embargo, achieve this extraordinary distinction?
  • What can environmentalists in the US learn from Cuba’s struggles and successes?
  • Can Cuba benefit from the intellectual and material environmental resources available from the environmental community in the US?
Eco Cuban Network seeks to answer these questions in the interest of environmental protection and sustainable human development.

Recent Posts

Bob Kerrey and the ‘American Tragedy’ of Vietnam

This sad history returns because of Bob Kerrey’s appointment as chairman of the American-sponsored Fulbright University Vietnam, the country’s first private university. That appointment has also prompted the Vietnamese to debate how former enemies can forgive and reconcile.

What is not in dispute is that in 1969 a team of Navy SEALs, under a young Lieutenant Kerrey’s command, killed 20 unarmed Vietnamese civilians, including women and children, in the village of Thanh Phong. Mr. Kerrey, who later became a senator, a governor, a presidential candidate and a university president, acknowledged his role in the atrocity in his 2002 memoir, “When I Was a Young Man.”

Those in the United States and Vietnam who favor Mr. Kerrey’s appointment see it as an act of reconciliation: He has confessed, he deserves to be forgiven because of his efforts to aid Vietnam, and his unique and terrible history makes him a potent symbol for how both countries need to move on from their common war.

To read more of this article, click here.

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