New Sun Road

After serving as founding director of the Vietnam Green Building Council’s founding director, Jalel Sager, obtained his doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley’s Energy Resource Group.  He then established with colleagues New Sun Road, which focuses on renewable generation, mini-grids, and related technology innovation.

Replacing fossil fuels, or supplying power to communities off the grid, New Sun Road uses cutting edge technology to design mini-grids utilizing non-nuclear energy generated by sun, wind, water and other sustainable, environmentally friendly energy sources. Its first project is on poor, isolated Pho Ba Island in Vietnam’s southern delta where, at a cost of under $250 per person, they aim to replace diesel power with solar, supplying electricity 24/7 for the entire population for a fraction of what those who could afford it paid for four hours of diesel power a day. New Sun Road is also exploring projects in East Africa and Latin America.

Green Cities Fund looks forward to supporting New Sun Road in its work, and is currently looking into the possibility of a co-operative project in Cuba.