Prey Lang Community Based Ecotourism Project

There is a little-known area of Cambodia called Prey Lang – “Our Forest” in Khmer.  Not far from world famous Angkor Wat, it is the largest lowland semi-dry evergreen forest left in mainland Southeast Asia. Not only does it act as an enormous carbon sink, reducing global warming, it is also the home of the ethnic minority Kuy people, who have cared for the forest as their heritage and source of life for centuries.  The forest now faces complete annihilation through illegal logging, vast plantations and mining.  Green Cities Fund is supporting local NGO organizations working to save this valuable forest area through development of community based eco-tourism, proper forest management to capture alternative “green” economic benefits; and income for the the Kuy people and Cambodia through the sale of carbon credits on the world market.

Experience a short video on “Our Forest”: