God is a Woman – A documentary by Andrés Peyrot

In 1975 French explorer and Oscar winning (“The Sky Above, the Mud Below”) documentary filmmaker Pierre Dominique Gaisseau traveled to Panama to make a film on the indigenous island dwelling Kuna people, whose women play a unique and sacred role.  Accompanied by his wife and their 2 year old daughter, Akiko, Gaisseau lived with the Kuna for a year, gaining their trust and filming their most intimate ceremonies.  When Gaisseau left he promised to return with the film but never did.  The project died when the funding bank confiscated the film – but almost 50 years later, with the Kunas still waiting for “their” film and passing down legends as to its demise, a long hidden copy of the film is found in Paris. “God is a Woman” is the story of the creation, loss and recovery of the film told by filmmaker Andres Peyrot.   

It was the lead documentary shown at the 2023 Venice Film Festival, receiving an outstanding review in Variety.