God is a Woman – A documentary by Andrés Peyrot

In 1975 anthropologist, explorer and Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Pierre Dominique Gaisseau traveled by canoe to the island homes of Panama’s Cuna (formerly “Kuna”) Indians with his wife, Kyoko, and their little girl, Akiko, age 2.  Gaisseau and his family spent a year living with Cuna families who trusted him to film their lives and ceremonies never before seen by the outside world.   After a year the Gaisseaus left and the Cuna never heard from them again until over 40 years later when Andrés Peyrot visited the islands and learned of the story and the myths that had grown over the years about Gaisseau.  The Cuna thought Gaisseau had stolen their culture. Peyrot’s documentary tells the true story of the film, and the emotional reunion of Akiko with the Cuna, who had made an indelible impression on the islanders. They even named their soccer team after her.  The documentary will also contain original footage shot by Gaisseau after the film, missing for many years, was rediscovered by Peyrot and Akiko in the Musee de l’Homme archives in Paris.   Green Cities Fund is assisting to raise the funds needed to complete the documentary.  Donors of $5,000 or more will receive a film credit but any amount is welcome and Green Cities Fund will pass the entire donation on.